The Benefits of Spot Coolers

Of the available portable AC units, Spot Cooler are possibly the most versatile. They are easily portable on wheels, easily installed, and can be used in a wide variety of spaces that need cooling: IT centers and server rooms, industrial sites, classrooms, hospitals, homes, and beyond. There are few limitations to these devices. These units function by drawing the environment’s air in, cooling it, and then releasing the more refreshing, cooler air back into the space. Their simplicity, portability, and many more features make these units a must-have.

Easy Installation and Portability: Installing a unit does not get much more easy. You merely plug it in and install the exhaust hose as instructed. That is all. You do not need to hire a professional to install for you. Additionally, if you need to move it for any reason, you merely unplug it, remove the hose, and roll it to the new location. If you have to carry it, it’s possible to do so. It’s that easy.

Affordable and Efficient: You can purchase one for your regular use, or you can rent one. Either way, these units are not costly, particularly when you look at the prices and energy use of other models. Spot Coolers are even more energy efficient than standard air conditioners. This is partially because they are meant to easily cool a smaller area rather than run enough to cool an entire building. You also have temperature control features, the dehumidifying aspect, and a general ability to clear the air of allergens.

When to Use a Spot Cooler

It is not possible to list the potential uses of a Spot Cooler quickly or efficiently because there are so many possibilities. However, here are a few uses:

Emergency Services: Natural disasters and accidents of all kinds leave people without power, and sometimes without homes. If you’re setting up in a building to assist people left in desperate need, after some terrible event that has left them in the heat without access to more comfortable, and safer temperatures, then add a Spot Cooler. Hospitals also need power and air conditioning for the safety of the patients and comfort of the staff. Spot Coolers could, quite literally, be life savers.

Server Rooms: A businesses’ technology is beyond important; in this day and age it is imperative that it function. If the standard air fails, or the heat that the technology generates on its own becomes too much, the results of a meltdown could be catastrophic for a business. Spot Coolers are the perfect backup or supplementary cooling solution. Plus, they’re not just for the server room—your employees can enjoy cool air when they need it, too.

Industrial Sites: Are your construction or factory workers suffering in the skyrocketing temperatures? Roll in a Spot Cooler. Set it up in an area of the building in which they’re working, or prop a tent and find a way to plug it in there. Give your workers a place in which to cool off and avoid the potentially dangerous effects of overheating.

They’re affordable, easy to install and move, and very versatile. Contact your Portable AC provider today and invest in a Spot Cooler.

The Essentials of HVAC Power Distribution

HVAC units require power, that is obvious. A great deal of care and equipment goes into acquiring and managing that power. Whether you own or rent your HVAC system, you will need specific types of power distribution and controlling equipment. Various cables, boxes, panels, transformers, and more help make certain that your unit is powered and running well.

There is a variety of equipment utilized for industrial and event-related HVAC power. With the correct equipment, power is maintained at the proper levels and distributed evenly. To avoid overheating and other potential issues with pre-owned or rental systems, it is sometimes necessary to acquire these additional pieces.

Spider Box: A spider box is a distribution center or temporary power. It’s a safe and efficient way to power many electrical systems, including HVAC systems. It requires a power cable and adapter to function with the unit.

Transformers: The transformer is an electrical part that may be located in various places, depending upon the unit type. Its purpose is to adjust the voltage sent by the main power supply so that the right amount of this voltage runs the air conditioning unit. It makes certain the unit will turn on, run, and shut off, all as needed for the safety of the unit.

Panels and Boxes: Electric panels are necessary to handle incoming power and distribute it through a home or facility’s circuits. A breaker box holds the circuit breakers that stop this power when too much is running through, thus protecting both the HVAC system and the facility to which it is connected.

Breakout Box: This is a tool to help evaluate the wiring and address any potential issue between devices and their electrical powering components. They have connectors that allow them to be utilized with multiple devices. They serve as monitors and help address many potential problems, such as manufacturing mistakes, poor connections, etc.

Cables: Various HVAC units require different power distribution cabling. There is, however, some standard cabling for industrial use. These cables are essential, of course, for powering any unit; they protect and control transferred power from its source to the equipment.

These pieces of equipment support your HVAC system by ensuring power is adequately acquired and dispersed. It is essential to select the proper equipment to sustain your power levels and avoid potentially dangerous surges, or losing power at the most inconvenient time.

These parts and more power your unit safely. If you are unsure of which parts you require for your facility or event, it is best to ask a professional. Portable Air offers all of these accessories and more for your portable HVAC power distribution needs. From transformers, to breakout boxes, to even standard power cables and beyond, we have the parts, as well as professionals for installation. Our thoroughly-trained technicians provide the best rental services and installation assistance. Contact us now to find out how we can provide to you with the best, most easily portable, HVAC solutions for you and your facility or event.

An Overview of Cooling Towers

Air conditioning has become a must-have for most of us. We have largely become accustomed to the standard home HVAC system, yet these are not the only options for cool air. Among the available industrial rental cooling solutions, Portable Air offers rental cooling towers.

Function and Operation

Cooling towers function by running cold water over the machine’s coils, cooling them. These towers extract heat via water evaporation and distribute it elsewhere, while pushing the cooler air where you want it. Thus, water is cooled via moving air and evaporation. Smaller towers handle several gallons per minute, and the larger ones can supply thousands per minute. As a result, cooling towers do consume more water than other systems, and their function is affected by the surrounding atmosphere. However, these units are beneficial for those concerned about electrical costs and want to pursue alternate cooling methods. This is evaporative cooling, as opposed to standard air-cooled units, is more energy efficient because the water provides faster and more adequate cooling than air.

Cooling towers come in various sizes and use various amounts of water for their operation, as well as using different methods for water flow and cooling. In crossflow towers, for example, water runs vertically through the unit and the air moves out horizontally. In counterflow units, air moves up against the falling water.  In terms of air movement, towers that have fans on top and pull air are induced draft units, while forced draft units push air at the base of the tower.

Towers can be pre-assembled and brought to a location or constructed on site. Factory-assembled towers (FAP) can run via any of the above functions, depending upon the location’s HVAC needs. Units assembled on site, known as Field-erected towers (FEP) are brought to a site in pieces and assembled there by manufacturing professionals. This also means they can be tailored more to suit a company’s needs.


Cooling towers have become a more energy efficient supplement or partial replacement for standard HVAC cooling systems. During hot seasons, companies and industries can rent cooling towers for help in keeping their facilities cool and their employees safe from the heat. Rentals are particularly useful for businesses that do not need the additional cooling power year-round; they can rent during the hotter seasons and return when it’s over. Or, those who need support while their permanent tower is malfunctioning can run their cooling process to a rental tower while they get their permanent tower fixed. Additionally, if the power is down, rental cooling towers are beneficial to businesses and other facilities, and emergency services and locations that need power and cooling.

Cooling towers are beneficial in many ways, and so Portable Air offers affordable, portable, and reliable rental cooling towers for sudden outages, during maintenance, and other emergencies. We supply these practical solutions quickly to satisfy commercial and industrial needs with limited wait time, and reduced down time for production. If you are in need of a solid, functional cooling tower, contact us now.

Is a Cooling Tower Rental The Right Solution in an Emergency Situation?

When you have an unplanned power outage or your water cooling system stops functioning for any reason and emergency maintenance becomes necessary, this can be devastating to your commercial or industrial operations. When an unplanned power outage or equipment problem results in the loss of functioning of your water cooling system, this can necessitate a pause in production and it can sometimes even put your expensive equipment at risk.  When you find yourself in this dire situation, you need to find a solution which will work for your needs so you can get the maintenance done, the water effectively cooled, and production up and running right away.

When is a Cooling Tower Rental The Appropriate Solution in an Emergency

The rental of a cooling tower is often the best solution in any emergency situation where you need to get an effective water cooling system in place right away. A water cooling tower can be transported to industrial and commercial locations quickly in order to respond to an unplanned outage of a cooling system.  You will want to find a reliable rental company that has a large inventory of cooling towers so the tower will be available exactly when you need it. The rental company should have a history of working with industrial and commercial customers and should be trusted to respond in emergency situations to quickly get the cooling tower to you.

Utilizing a cooling tower from a trust rental provider is an ideal choice when an unexpected outage or emergency maintenance becomes necessary because the towers can be utilized to provide necessary cooling features without disturbing any of the existing equipment which is already in place. This means the process of putting the cooling tower to work and then removing it when your normal equipment is back up and running is a seamless process which will result in minimal interruption of production.  Again, you want to make sure the company you get the cooling tower from is prepared to bring the tower to you and get it up and running at your worksite without interruption of existing equipment.

Cooling towers are very efficient, and are reliable, which makes them an ideal choice for most commercial and industrial applications where water cooling is essential. Industrial sites, testing facilities, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and other locations where cooled water must be available can all benefit from the use of cooling towers when their regular systems go down.

Cooling towers come in different sizes, and the greater the water tonnage, the more the power requirements will be for the tower. An experienced trusted rental provider can provide assistance to companies that need a cooling tower and that want to ensure they have a tower which will fully meet their needs.

Do not hesitate to get a cooling tower brought to you if you are experiencing any emergency or downtime with your equipment. Call a professional rental service with cooling towers available now so you can get up and running right away.

What to Consider When Buying a Spot Cooler

A spot cooler is a good investment if you regularly need to provide cooling to areas without built-in air conditioners.  However, before you make the purchase of a spot cooler, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right one.  Doing your research in advance allows you to ensure you are making a purchase that will serve your needs.

One of the first things to consider when deciding what spot cooler to buy is the type of spot cooler that will work best for you. You have three primary options to choose from: air cooled spot coolers, water cooled spot coolers, and heat pumps.

Air cooled spot coolers are specifically designed for portability as well as to be durable and easy to set up in just a few minutes.  Air cooled spot coolers can provide cooling power with a wide range of different BTUs, from 11,900 to 75,900 per cooling hour. Good air cooled spot coolers will operate quietly and will work well as a backup in case of air conditioning failure as well as working well as supplemental air conditioning.  Air cooled spot coolers are often used for special events, in temporary facilities that are set up, in data centers, and in production areas. They can provide excellent humidity control as well as cooling.

Water cooled spot coolers are also portable and can come in a range of 12,000 to 60,000 BTUs per hour of cooling.  These types of spot coolers don’t require any type of air ducting for a condenser and they can be used to deliver cool air exactly where it is necessary.  They work by allowing heat to be removed, and then transferred by the water as it leaves the water-cooled condenser coil.

Finally, heat pumps are another option that are portable and that provide anywhere from 11,800 to 60,050 BTUs per cooling hour.  One big benefit of heat pumps is that they are versatile. They can both cool you down when it has become too hot and can also provide warmth when it is too cold.

In addition to choosing from among these three primary different options, other factors to look at when you buy a spot cooler include the heating capacity, the type of power supply that is necessary to provide power to the cooler, the recommended circuit AMPS, the sound level, the weight, and the height.  All of these things are going to affect where and how your spot cooler can be used.

When you have done your research and decided on the right kind of spot cooler, it is important to find a reputable manufacturer and a reputable distributor who will get you just the cooler that you are looking for. Look for a company that sells different kinds of spot coolers so you will have a wide selection. Make sure the company has a solid reputation for selling high quality products that it stands by.

5 ton ac unit at low rates

5 ton ac unit is big enough to fulfill the air conditioning needs of the entire household. When you have a house, it is important to take care of it. An air conditioner keeps the interiors cool. Many electrical items need a certain temperature to work well. Items such as computers, laptops, refrigerators do not work well when the interiors are hot. To allow all the electrical equipment to give you optimal performance, get an air conditioner installed. There are several brands on the market to suit your budget.
Taking care of the family’s health is vial. When the temperature outdoor is more than your own body temperature, there is an increased risk of cancer. You can also get germs and viruses in the hot summer season. So stay safe indoors and monitor your weather, so all in the family can remain healthy.
When the temperature is more than 100 degrees, bring the pets indoors. The dogs and cats can get fatigue and dehydration in the scorching sun.  When you buy a unit, get it from a company that also provides repairs and maintenance.  They know all about the brands they have on sale and if there is ever a problem with the system, they will be able to troubleshoot it faster. They have all the necessary parts and filters to have your AC up and running fast so you do not need to suffer.
The new systems come with programmable thermostats. You can program the time you come in and leave, and save on energy. Some also have the sensors that can sense you out to up the cooling automatically. Portable Air is your complete solution for the temporary climate control requirements of your commercial or industrial project.
Find an affordable and portable 5 ton ac unit here:

Benefits of Air Chillers

Heat is a natural byproduct of many industrial and mechanical processes. Even we humans generate a fair amount of heart as we eat and breathe. However, in almost cases, heat is seen as an undesirable byproduct and must be removed so that the system could function properly.
This is the task of the air chillers and the best way of going about this is to opt for a chiller rental. In all cost-benefit analysis, the decision to rent a chiller is more beneficial in the shorter run.
A chiller is designed for long term service. This is achieved by using high strength materials that provide useful service even when exposed to stresses that would damage lesser materials. To make sure that the chiller is performing at its optimum level, the process of heat removal is divided into two separate stages that combine to gather to remove heat from the desired location/ it is impossible to destroy or completely remove heat from the equation. Hence all a chiller does is to remove the heat to another location where it does not affect the process.
Chillers for industrial applications come in a self contained package. This is ideal scenario for chiller rental because of the ease with which these units could be adapted to work with a pre-engineered and prebuilt system. This allows the chiller rental services provider to provide quick services to the client without too many expenses.
Once the chiller package arrives at the client’s location, the technicians plug it into the system. This is a simple process because all couplings are in industry standard sizes with corresponding couplings at the other end. This is one of the most important benefits of chiller units.
The use of chiller rental as a cost saving technique has become quite common with more and more clients opting for a rental unit rather than buying one.

The Benefits of Power Distribution Rental

Power distribution is an important aspect of any event. The two important aspects of power distribution design are reliability and safety. These two aspects could be addressed by power distro rental.

Electric power is the motive force of modern world. It is the corner stone of many industrial processes. Thus, reliable access to electricity is one of the fundamental requirements of industrial world. However, even today, many businesses are unable to provide this basic facility to their industrial processes.

The main industrial process receives its share of reliable electricity simply because of the well designed support infrastructure of wiring, supply boxes and associated components. The same engineering team that devices the other aspects of the process design this infrastructure. Once the designs are approved, the implementation team accords this infrastructure the same level of care. Thus, the process runs smoothly.

Problems arise when an extension is planned for the process. Since the extension cannot be integrated within the main process without extensively testing the idea, many businesses prefer a temporary setup. While the idea is sound, issues arise when the temporary process is hooked up to lactic power. The makeshift supply is often unreliable and requires an industrial level power supply solution.

This is where power distro rental equipment really outshines every other solution. The equipment could be installed in very short timeframe ranging from several hours to a few days depending upon the complexity of the project. Once the equipment is in place, the test equipment receives the same level of electric power as the main process.

Contrary to popular perception, power distro rental equipment comes with a high level of safety. Every wire is enclosed in an insulated over. There are multiple cutouts installed so that a power surge could only damage a part of the electricity supply network.

Read This Before You Rent A Spot Cooler For Your Event

Spot coolers have become an increasingly popular cooling choice for elegant events. From outdoor weddings to fancy fundraisers, these portable coolers are often rented and strategically positioned to keep guests cool and comfortable, something that’s particularly important for formal events where guests are often dressed up in formal attire. But if you’re planning an outdoor event and thinking about renting a spot cooler, there’s something very important that you need to know. Not all spot cooler rental companies are the same.
What should you consider when renting a portable cooler for your formal function?

Cleanliness-Spot coolers are often rented out for some rugged applications, like cooling a construction site. These coolers can take a beating, get dirty, and suck in some nasty gunk. It’s important to make sure you’re renting a cooler that’s clean and pumping fresh air, because the last thing you want at your elegant event is a dirty portable cooling solution.
Choices-Spot coolers come in all different sizes and boast different capabilities and features. A good equipment rental company will take the time to assess your needs carefully to determine which portable cooler is the best choice for your event. That’s why it’s important that you make sure the company you’re renting your temporary cooling from offers a huge rental fleet, giving you options rather than simply sticking you with a piece of equipment that doesn’t truly fit your needs.
Timeliness-Of course, it’s important to make sure you’re portable cooler is actually up and running when guests arrive at your event. You want your space to already be cool and comfortable when the event begins so your guests don’t have to sweat it out. A good equipment rental company will pride itself in being dependable and guaranteeing on-time delivery.
Service-Hopefully, you’ve rented your equipment from a company that offers fast, responsive service. The best rental companies will be available to respond to your service requests and ensure your equipment is up and running properly as quickly as possible.
Cost-Everyone has a budget to consider, and while price shouldn’t be the only factor you look at when renting portable cooling equipment, it’s obviously important. Make sure you’re getting a fair rate on your equipment rental. When you’ve found reliable vendors in your area, compare prices to determine which company truly offers the best overall value for their services.

Take the time to do your due diligence when renting temporary cooling equipment for your event. The last thing you want is for your guests to leave early because they’re hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. By following the simple tips in this article, you’ll be able to rent dependable, quality equipment from a company you can trust.

Air Conditioners: The Buy Vs Rent Decision

When it comes to air conditioning, many people are faced with a decision. Should they buy the unit or rent it? Very often, the situation dictates a decision. However, in many cases, experts advise renting as the more economical decision than buying.

One of the most important benefits of renting is saving in both short term and long term. In many cases, renting offers a better saving scenario than paying upfront for the air conditioners.

Many businesses often opt for renting an asset because it is a small expense compared to purchasing the equipment. Once the initial deposit has been paid, the vendor installs the air conditioning units at the premises. The result is similar to a buy decision. However, the operational costs of the decision are much lower. In the long run, the decision to opt for renting also translates into better financial picture as the rent expense is charged as an operational expense.

Another benefit of renting is the fact that the business could take advantage of the latest technology in air conditioning without the fear of obsolesce of the equipment a couple of years down the road. This is one of the best reasons of opting for renting air conditioning equipment. HVAC technology changes drastically every few years. Once the organization decides to go ahead with the buy decision, it is effectively locking itself with technology that would be unable to serve the needs of the organization after five to ten years.

Apart from the time consideration, another overlooked aspect is the running costs of the system. Portable air conditioner rentals have low running costs that do not place a burden on the finances of the organization. Once the organization has paid for the air conditioning system, it has to pay for all the maintenance issues. Organizations save this expense by portable air conditioning rentals. In the case of a rental, all maintenance is the headache of the vendor. Very often, the vendor chooses not to charge the client for maintenance in return for continued return business.

In many cases, startups are based in rented premises on a limited duration lease. In this case, the most sensible thing to do is to rent air conditioning equipment instead of buying. Once the lease is up, the organization would have to shift offices. This would involve hauling the HVAC equipment and reinstalling at the new location. Not many startups could afford this expense or business strategy.

Finally, rented air conditioning equipment has the advantage of portability. The location of the business is not important. The vendor could install the equipment at any location, with equal ease. This means that the organization could use the equipment at multiple locations. Imagine the ease of perfectly controlled temperature throughout the venue.

Renting make sense both financially and on operational levels. For small businesses and startups, air conditioning offices is an expense that could be easily offset by renting from reliable vendors. The choice of renting equipment usually translates into a semi permanent arrangement for many businesses.